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Taizhou Aosi Kang Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a focus on the central air-conditioning, heat pump technology research, production, sales, engineering, installation and other services in one of the high-tech enterprises, with strong technology become the central air-conditioning, air to the industry is the most professional production enterprises.

Orascom enterprise located in Jiangyan Jiangsu District of Taizhou City Qiaotou Industrial Zone, a total investment of 30 million yuan.

Orascom enterprises to "low carbon concept of energy conservation and environmental protection" for the business mission, rigorous 5S high-quality production management, product quality is far higher than the same industry, products related to large commercial central air conditioning, water / ground source heat pump, commercial air can water heater equipment, household air can water heater and swimming pool heating equipment, energy-saving products, development of moisture absorption and refrigeration and hot water unit, with high technological content and independent intellectual property rights, in the domestic leading level.

For many years, the company has insisted on cooperation and research and development of many famous universities and high - tech enterprises in China. It has brought together a large number of professional engineers and technicians with many years of experience in the installation. Company always for you provide free technical consultation and program design (according to customer demand, can provide system scheme), in you a pair of service process, each link from a sales staff responsible for you to arrange, customers can fully enjoy the overall service provided by professional personnel, truly to maximize customer satisfaction. Orascom as a long-term development of the professional company, continuously introducing advanced ideas and talents, strengthen training and research and development capabilities, to enhance the core competitiveness, in order to maintain the company sustained, healthy development of inner strength. The company has a complete system of organization and rules and regulations to ensure the perfect implementation of the various services.

By 2015, the company increased new product and technology development efforts, has developed a low temperature steam jet increase enthalpy of air source heat pump hot water unit, ultra low temperature cascade air heat pump unit, ultra low temperature cascade air to the well-being of the two units, low-temperature air warm second cogeneration unit and the low temperature air heating cogeneration units.

Orascom enterprise comprehensive through the ISO9001 certification, 3C certification,has won the "most investment value of the brand" and other honors, Orascom products sell well in the world 19 countries and regions.

It is because Orascom has a customer first service philosophy, highly reputation to protect, advanced and complete professional and technical, scientific and efficient management system, a sound quality assurance system, excellent construction quality, careful personnel training, as well as in the ground source heat pump system and the rich experience and outstanding quality, so come to the fore in the same industry by the favor of the majority of partners and users. Orascom to create green energy-saving buildings for the purpose of the enterprise, to build the building energy Chinese quality engineering quasi responsibility.

The current customer group has: China live hotel chains, if the home interlinks hotel group, seven days Bai Tao hotel group, group of orangeade brilliant Hotel, gifted International Youth Hotel Apartments, comma hotel apartment, Cheng Hotel Apartment.

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